We're a decent punk rock band.

We haunt the dive bars and DIY basement shows of Toronto, with our heavy but fun brand of punk. Threaded together by frantically catchy hooks, landing somewhere between irony and nihilism, we subvert pop songs into meditations on bar culture, boredom, and scene politics.

See you in the pit, or in the Nicolas Cage memes subreddit.

Photo by momentsbyblue

---- shows ----

June 13 - The Cameron House - Toronto
NXNE 2018 w/ The Anti-Queens, First Base

May 11 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
Canadian Music Week 2018

Mar 24 - Jopofest - Toronto
w/ Villian, Got Social, Antiqueens & More

March 7 - The Painted Lady - Toronto
CMW Special Showcase

Feb 8 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
w/ Liver, Gnarly Horse

Nov 24 - Jopohäüs - Toronto
w/ Caustic Lime, Rapid Tension

Nov 16 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
w/ Grievances, Service Delay

Oct 13 - Secret Show - Toronto
Music Video Shoot
(ask us for secret location)

Sept 19 - Coalition - Toronto
w/ Adrenalized, Rival Dojo, IVS

---- vids ----

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Nonstarter – Seasoned Stuntman EP Review

Nonstarter play a throwback style of melodic skate-punk that harkens back to the spirit of Bigwig, Belvedere, or Downway; reading like a love letter to all those snowboarding videos and mid-90s punk compilations. On their debut 5 song EP ‘Seasoned Stuntman’, Nonstarter give us a polished brand of melodic hardcore that you might mistake for Strung Out or A Wilhelm Scream.


Filthy Hearts – Beyond Repair LP Review

Filthy Hearts are a punk band that write the kind of anthemic scream-alongs you’d stumble upon at Fest or Pouzza. Made out of former members of the Larimers, Vice Dolls, Party Like Thieves, and the A-OKs; ‘Beyond Repair‘ shares some semblance to it’s ancestors, but paints a darker picture, touching on alcoholism, depression, and the aftermath of failed dreams.


10 Most Underrated Kiss Songs

We covered a Kiss song recently, in prepping for it I fell into a dark hole that involved me listening to all 20 (+ EPs, live, solo, etc) of their albums and reading each of their biographies. Between the drunken car crashes, police raids, and trashed hotels, I found some hidden gems and a story of flawed people who faked it until they became the biggest band in the world.