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The Band

The Bare Minimum are a Toronto skate-punk band in the tradition of S.N.F.U, Propagandhi, and Belvedere with video game inspired riffs and a self-heckling sense of humour. Their wide stylistic range, from thrash ragers to acoustic scream-a-longs, is threaded together by their catchy, frantic delivery. Somewhere between irony and nihilism, The Bare Minimum subvert pop songs into meditations on bar culture, post-everything boredom, and scene politics.

Besides haunting basement bars and house parties, The Bare Minimum have played CMW, NXNE, Pouzza Fest and toured Ontario in a hilariously tiny car. ‘Sink to the Top’ (2017) is the follow up album to their debut full length ‘Hit After Hit’ (2014).

  • Cam Gray / 
    Vocals, Guitar
  • Allen Davidson / 
    Vocals, Bass
  • Mick Hutchinson / 
    Lead Guitar
  • Chris Nikolaidis / 
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