NEXT SHOW: Sat, Nov 5th
Denzel Fest 2 - Snacks? Shaman, BikeTuff
7:30doors @ Smiling Buddha, Toronto


We're a punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. We're loud, high energy and smell great. At home in dance halls or dive-bars, we bring our aggressive and modern punk style in an endearingly pretentious way.

Check out our album 'Hit After Hit' above, or on our other EPs on bandcamp. Come out to a show and say hi, we promise not to be painfully awkward.


    Best Music of 2015

    In keeping with festivus tradition, I will list my favorite musical releases of the passing year, say how they have disappointed me, and then crawl back into my cave.

    Hipster Hardcore

    How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, but he has to wait for the whole world to revolve around him.

    Malaysian Street Punk

    The Malaysian Oi scene a bit of a paradox to your typical basic who only sees the world in ways that CNN and Hollywood allow them to. Outpacing it's western contemporaries to transcend a foreign subculture, it has turned into something uniquely it's own

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