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Toronto Punk Rock

We're a punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. Loud, high energy, great teeth. At home in dance halls or dive-bars, our high energy, gluten free songs range from themes of conspiracy theories and bar culture to discourses on demagoguery in an age of absolute politics.

Check out our new LP "Sink to the Top", come out to a show and say hi – we promise not to be painfully awkward.

---- shows ----

June 13 - The Cameron House - Toronto
NXNE 2018 w/ The Anti-Queens, First Base

May 11 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
Canadian Music Week 2018

Mar 24 - Jopofest - Toronto
w/ Villian, Got Social, Antiqueens & More

March 7 - The Painted Lady - Toronto
CMW Special Showcase

Feb 8 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
w/ Liver, Gnarly Horse

Nov 24 - Jopohäüs - Toronto
w/ Caustic Lime, Rapid Tension

Nov 16 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
w/ Grievances, Service Delay

Oct 13 - Secret Show - Toronto
Music Video Shoot
(ask us for secret location)

Sept 19 - Coalition - Toronto
w/ Adrenalized, Rival Dojo, IVS

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---- Blog ----

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Blank Side – ‘Etheric’ EP Review

Power-violence can be a tough jar of pickles to open. With it’s impenetrable song structures, dissonant melodies, and broken telephone production; the genre feels almost set up loose the audience. Blank Side’s EP ‘Etheric’ does a pretty good job making the more challenging elements of the music accessible.