New LP "Sink to the Top" out March 28

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Toronto Punk Rock

We're a punk rock band from Toronto, Canada. We're loud, high energy and smell great. At home in dance halls or dive-bars, we bring our aggressive and modern punk style in an endearingly pretentious way.

Check out our single from our upcoming LP above, and come out to a show and say hi, we promise not to be painfully awkward.

Upcoming Shows

May 20 - Toronto TBA

April 2 - Sarnia TBA

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Best Music of 2016

2016 has been weird, Bowie’s dead and Trump’s president. A lot of my favourite bands disappointed me, other bands I thought were just ok, surprised me. Here’s this year’s picks for best music:


On T-Shirt Wars and Punk Rock Museums

Nazi Punks Fuck Off’ was the first Dead Kennedys song I ever heard. In it’s one minute run time, it had more ideas than most other songs...


Best Bassists of Punk

Bass players are the puppet masters of the band. Like some kind of wizard behind the curtain, they control everything (tempo, drops, root notes, goatees), but non-musical types can’t even hear them. That’s the trick to being a good bassist; not being noticed for ruining a song. Let’s see who did well...